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Alrighty Flexx Fans! Another great morning at church and an awesome work capacity training
session beforehand! Hope “all y’all” are having a great day as well!

Today let’s talk about the “T” in the acronym S.T.R.O.N.G. The “T” stands for Take Ownership of EVERYTHING that happens in your life.

I recently had a client whom I was going to start training at the beginning of the year. We had communicated in late 2022 before the holidays. I typically take 2 weeks off between Christmas and New Year as many of my clients have family/friends in
town or they have gone to visit family/friends.

Well, I had lots of administrative tasks and home projects to do during my time off and had promised this client that I would have an idea of days/times that I had availability and get back to them.

The first week of my return, I still hadn’t responded. Obviously, the client was not happy with my lack of follow-up and decided to forgo training. I felt awful because this was very atypical of me. Yes, I was busy…yes, I was spending
time with family/friends…and yes, I was starting a new year with lots on my mind.

However, all of these pale in comparison to not holding up my end of the bargain. I could have made a
thousand excuses for why I didn’t respond, but the fact is, I didn’t take ownership in doing what I
said I was going to do.

I did end up communicating with this client and taking ownership of my mistake. It was extremely difficult to swallow my pride and admit what I did was wrong and ask their forgiveness. We all make mistakes and we will all continue to make mistakes in our lives. But, all of the hard lessons we learn from these mistakes are only fruitful if we take ownership of

  • Were you late to work “because” of inclement weather? No excuse…leave earlier.
  • Did you get charged a late fee from a credit card payment made on the due date…tough. Make the
    payment earlier so it goes in on or before the due date.

Take ownership of everything…AND I MEAN EVERYTHING…that happens in your life and you’ll be better off than you have ever been!

What can you do this week to ensure you are taking ownership of your life?

Plan on taking a long, hard look in the mirror and admitting your failures, and ensuring that they don’t turn
into excuses!

“Success isn’t final and failure isn’t fatal.”

– Winston Churchill

Stay tuned👍
Coach Brent
S.T.R.O.N.G (take note of this acronym…it is a systematic approach to success)