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Personal Training

 Let Flexx Fitness Be Your Private Personal Training Experience!

Our inspiration at Flexx Fitness comes from the desire to provide greater results and better physical outcomes for our clients in a facility that feels like  your own— Family oriented enviornment, Upbeat, Clean and Convenient.

Here at Flexx Fitness we treat our clients like family.  Before starting a personal training session, a Flexx Fitness Professionally Certified Personal Trainer will take the necessary time to get to know you personally.  We want to know your goals and how we can help you reach them!

Once you’re on board we do a functional movement physical screen and general health evaluation.

This Functional Movement Screen allows us to…

  • See how well you move
  • Identifies movement limitations,
  • Identifies potential culprits to pain
  • Helps identify potential for injury

This valuable information allows us to design a training program that is safe, effective and addresses your individual needs!

We believe when you’re committing valuable time and money to a training/health program your Personal Trainer should make it a fun experience, not a task.  Our training staff will make sure your workout provides the proper intensity and challenge needed to reach your personal goals, while having fun.

We personally guarantee that you will never receive a “cookie cutter program.”

If you have never worked out before, or even if you have, a Flexx Fitness Personal Trainer is the ultimate fitness coach!  They will create effective routines that progressively build you a solid physical foundation.  This foundation will give you the confidence, tools and knowledge for continued success.

Flexx Fitness Personal Training, an excellent option for…

  • 1:1 coaching relationship
  • Hectic, variable schedules
  • Accountability
  • Various health issues
  • New to exercise
  • Self conscious

Training programming includes…

  • Functional physical movement screen (FMS)
  • Health & activity history
  • Body composition measurement
  • Training program
  • Recovery & regeneration protocols
  • Nutritional guidance


Flexx Fitness Personal Training Mission…

Flexx Fitness is committed to your success!! We strive to be the leaders in providing , cutting edge, integrated, holistic health and Personal Training services.  We achieve this success through our diverse, experienced professionals working together under one roof to benefit our clients…