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Looking to find some renewed workout motivation? You’re not alone!


If those morning dog jogs around the neighborhood or hour-long treadmill sessions aren’t generating the desired results,  your alternative to getting fit is limited to choosing between finding (and paying) for a high cost personal trainer, sweating along with dozens of people in a group class, or keep going it alone.

Now you have a great alternative.

Small Group Personal Training can renew your exercising hopes…

Motivation is one of the reasons why small group personal training is so effective.  Those who show up for small group training classes are more likely to get motivated to engage in exercise when they have support of others with similar challenges.  Everyone in the group leaves their everyday ups and downs to the side, and brings into the room the energy and enthusiasm necessary to help each other to improve fitness in a fun, structured and directed environment.

Small Group Personal Training makes the participants accountable!

Participating in group training sessions with friends or making new friends encourages a person to show up.  Group Personal Training sessions are also great to meet people with similar interests and fitness goals, and sometimes it can develop into friendships that go beyond a workout.  Another advantage of  small group personal training is that if you don’t have the skills to perform exercise safely and can’t afford individual Personal Training sessions, small group personal training with a nationally certified personal trainer is a great way to learn technique and proper exercise performance at an affordable price.