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If one, two or all three of these arches are broken down it can negatively impact your…

  • Gait (how you walk/run
  • Positioning of feet/ankles.  Pronation (inward rolling of the foot), or Supination (outward rolling of the foot) both can adversely affect how you move, causing compensation and eventually pain
  • Pelvic alignment
  • Balance
  • Stability


Come in and get your feet  scanned and evaluated…

  • See how your feet compare to normal
  • See if your arches are broken/breaking down
  • See how custom orthotics may help your feet and body
  • Many custom options to choose from for comfortable foot support and shoe styles



In Pain? Frustrated—Exhausted all Your Options?

Tried the family doctor, physical therapy, pills, massage therapy and still can’t get rid of your pain?

The problem may actually lie in your feet.  Feet play a major role in having a healthy back!

Custom Orthotics May Be The Help You‘ve Been Looking For…



Most of us have heard the saying, the foot bone is connected to the knee bone; knee bone is connected to the hip bone…  this is basically describing  the kinetic chain.

The kinetic chain, simply explained, is when one part of the body moves, it effects another area of the body (or several areas of the body).  Similar to how one bad tire can ruin the rest of the tires in a vehicle, the same is true of our feet.  Breakdown in the feet is something that some times gets over looked when trying to figure out persistent pain.  Our feet are our foundation, if the foundation is failing, this can cause problems along areas of the kinetic chain.

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Poor arch support can create…

lack of pelvic mobility which can put an immense amount of stress on the lumbar spine, this can result in low back pain.  Being able to properly pelvic tilt is important for mobility in the hips,  lumbar spine and for the ability to control/stabilize posture.   Working on improving pelvic motion is critical to avoiding many different orthopedic type injuries to the back, hip and knee.

Getting a proper/thorough foot analysis should be always considered for chronic, persistent back, hip and ankle pain, as foot breakdown compromises the kinetic chain.

Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about going to a drug store and getting a foot screen for shoe inserts, as this is too generic of a solution.  General orthotics, shoe inserts or special shoes could actually add to the problem by over-correcting, or under-correcting foot imbalances.

Rigid orthotics (hard plastic) generally are not the answer either unless required by specific medical conditions.  This type of insert doesn’t allow the foot to have much natural motion, which can again compromises the kinetic chain.

In my 20+ years of experience as an athletic trainer, I have found custom orthotics to be a far superior solution compared to generic orthotics/inserts, or special shoes.

Your feet are as unique as your finger prints so it’s important to have a foot friendly product specifically customized for you.  It’s important to create a stable foundation specific to your exact needs via customized, functional orthotics.

Foot screen

We provide our patients and athletes with Foot Leveler custom orthotics.

  • We have a 14 year track record of success with this product in our clients
  • The orthotics we use are backed by peer reviewed studies
  • this company has a 64 year history in the orthotic industry
  • Recommended by over 100,oo0 doctors and clients
  • Products are available for people with or without foot pain, it’s about supporting your structure
  • Specialty orthotics (i.e.. golfers)
  • Support for athletes at any level of competition
  • Custom summer active wear

Yes, this approach is more expensive than over the counter products, but not nearly as expensive as it will be if you injure yourself…medical bills add up quickly…   Custom orthotics to meet your specific needs makes a lot of sense.



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Custom orthotics can often help 

  • Lower back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Shin splints
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain