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GBC’s unique sports programming focuses on…

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Movement first training
  • Injury reduction/Rehabilitation
  • Linear speed/Lateral speed techniques
  • Foot speed/Agility
  • Explosive power development
  • Proper functional strength training
  • Energy system conditioning


GBC workout consist of…

  • Individualized/functionally sound movement training
  • Strength training and conditioning
  • Strong focus on basic and proper lifting technique
  • Workout/training becomes progressively more challenging once basic techniques have been masterd

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Sport-General/Specific Training

Come One–Come All!!!


 GBC–Your Sports Performance Partner is excited to be offering Sport Specific Training to Kingsport and the surrounding communities!

GBC has been developing and refining both a system and a structure for comprehensive athletic and personal development for over 20 years.  “There Is No Majic”—“There is no 5 step program”— Quite simply, we seek results!  However, we belive that you cannot change the end result until you educate yourself and build a successful program.

GBC”s Performance programming is a unique collaberation of Functional Movement Screening (FMS)athletic training, strength and conditioning, chiropractic and nutrition.  This intergration of disaplines achieves comprehensive programming to develop a complete athlete.

GBC is a Preferred sports perfromance training facility.  We offer an inovated approach to training by building on a soilid foundation set in motion with the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) while staying focused on each athletes individual goals.  Our dynamic facility allows us to monitor each athlete closely throughout their workout with close attention always being paid to proper technique and safety first.


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At Florida Sports Docs (FSD) We… 

Focus our efforts on encompassing comprehensive, integrated functional strength & conditioning programming for the weekend worrier to the professional athlete. Our professional strength & conditioning expert has the training experience, knowledge, and abilities to help our athletes reach their desired goals and fullest athletic potential, no matter the sport.  He has a comprehensive background in working with equestrian trick riders, volleyball players, golfers, tri-athletes, marathoners, soccer, track & field and baseball players, to mention a few.

Whatever the sport, he’ll enhance your game!


Florida Sports Docs sports training is very diverse…

Here at FSD we take great pride in designing programs for the young to the old, individuals, small groups, recreational, amateur, and professional level athletes. We believe the strength of our programming lies in focusing on the goals and needs of the individual athlete and their sport. Our FSD Sports Performance Specialist performs a physical movement assessment on every athlete before designing an individualized training program.  We guarantee you will never receive a “cookie cutter” program at FSD.   When working with individuals, we will take the necessary time with every client to do a complete and thorough  physical/health assessment.

These valuable assessment allow us to  gauge  proper:

  • Movement quality
  • Assess motor skills
  • What physically is working correctly
  • See potential for injury

This commitment to properly evaluating every athletes provides valuable information that will allow our Sports Performance Specialist optimize all facets of athletic skill and performance, in a safe, proper, and effective manner.

Sports performance training programs are offered on a…

  • 1 – on – 1
  • Small-group (2-6)
  • By sport or position

Sport specific training services description:

  • Functional movement assessment
  • Health & activity history
  • Sport-specific skills testing and assessment
  • Full body measurements and body fat composition
  • Basic nutritional history
  • Performance training programming
  • Recovery & regeneration protocols
  • Movement preparation
  • Neuromuscular activation (NMA)
  • Resistance training
  • Energy system development/training

Major concepts of every training program should emphisis:

  • Power- The combination of strength and speed; arguably the most important physical sport variable.  It’s the catalyst to what an athlete needs to be able to separate themselves from their competition.
  • Strength- Focusing on stability and mobility; performance training programs focus on functional strength, movements, and systems specific to the needs of a client, athlete, or team’s sport and competition, going beyond traditional strength training programs that merely focus on individual muscles and muscle groups.
  • Speed & Agility- Performance training programs focus on developing linear, lateral, and multi-directional game speed, speed that is not developed on a treadmill, but under the same circumstances of controlled chaos found in sport and competition. FSD emphasizes  a functional, sport-specific training environment used in all components of performance training programs.
  • Balance & Coordination- Performance training programs are designed to give athletes the ability to control their body under chaotic conditions in dynamic, changing, and competitive environment.  Balance training, also refers to balance, stability and mobility between the different muscle groups and joints of the body.  This will allow the body to train and perform without restriction or compensation.  It allows each athlete to train and perform at their peak.
  • Quickness & Reaction- Performance training programs focus on developing the ability of the athlete to respond quickly and precisely to any changing play, situation, or environment during training and competition.
  • Dynamic Flexibility – Flexibility components of the training programs are targeted towards developing and maintaining flexibility without losing strength, speed, or risking injury.

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 All Sport Specific Training is available before, during and after your work/school day, by appointment.  

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Our Mission…

Is to encourage and motivate athletes of all ages and skill levels to achieve their athletic potential through participation in a comprhensive, scientifically-proven sports performance training program.


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Taking your game to the next level requires

  • Speed
  • Explosive power
  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Flexibility
  • Injury reduction
  • Nutritional education

GBC injury reduction programming…

Our Nationall Certified/Florida Liscensed Athletic Therapist (ATC) & Certified Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) Focuses on and utilizes…

  • Funtional movement evaluation
  • Chiropratic consultation
  • Teaching proper lifting techniques
  • Alleviating ayssemmetries
  • Discovering and eliminating movement dysfunction
  • Proper skill progression
  • Clean/safe environment