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Team Sports Training

Flexx Fitness Team Sports Performance Training

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Flexx fitness sports performance professional training staff is the most qualified in the region.  Our coaches focus on your teams overall speed, agility, power, strength and athleticism.   In our team performance training setting we normally coach between 6-20 athletes who are all trying to improve together as a unit.  We provide a fun, challenging atmosphere that helps build camaraderie, confidence and sportsmanship while training as a team.  This is something that, without question  translates on to the court, track, or field.

“Enhancing athletic sports performance is what we do best”

Essential Components In Our Team Training…

  • Injury Prevention Programming— Includes pre-workout/competition movement correctives and proper muscular activation exercises
  • Power— The combination of strength and speed is arguably the most important physical sport variable.  We work strength and speed in combination, separating our athletes from their competition.
  • Functional Strength/Stability— Our coaches focus on functional strength, sport specific movements, and energy systems specific to the needs of the athlete.  We go beyond traditional strength training programs that merely focus on individual muscles and muscle groups
  • Speed & Agility— The  development of linear, lateral, and multi-directional game speed/stability.  This type of speed that is not developed on a treadmill, but under the same circumstances of controlled chaos found in sport and competition
  • Balance & Coordination— The ability to control the body under chaotic conditions in a dynamic, changing competitive environment
  • Quickness & Reaction— Developing the ability of the athlete to respond quickly and precisely to any changing play, situation, or environment during training and competition
  • Dynamic Mobility/Flexibility— Developing stability and maintaining functional flexibility without losing strength, speed, or risking injury