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Jan was so frustrated.  Jan had previously been working out at another exercise facility, but had not been getting the results she wanted. The programming she had received was not individualized for her age, goals or fitness level.  Finally, she took her husband’s advice and enlisted my training services.

First, we established she was interested in losing weight and wanted to get in better shape. These are basic goals most Americans want. However, individualization cannot be achieved unless a complete medical, exercise, and nutritional history are reviewed.

As a trainer, I never know what hidden immobility, strength or flexibility issues could be lurking. So, I personally watch my clients do basic movements. I make sure they can bend, stoop, squat, lunge and have adequate strength/stability.  Then I need to find out their endurance levels. So, I develop basic exercise routines.

Jan was no different. Her hard work and short learning curve helped her adapt quickly to my routines.

After we had achieved the short term basic movement goals of being able to lunge, squat, increase strength and stability we were able to incorporate more challenging routines. These challenging routines included high intensity interval training and multi-joint movement circuits. We trained two times per week for 45- 50 minutes and performed total body workouts each training session. I asked Jan to purchase a Polar Heart Monitor. The heart monitor allowed us to track her real time exercise heart rates, intensities, recovery times and training caloric burn.

The majority of Jan’s Fit or Fat problem was her love of M&M’s, so she had to work hard at her nutrition habits. The snacking on M&M’s was a hidden calorie intake for her. She would nibble on them throughout the day.  This, of course, had a cumulative effect.  It did not take long for those candy calories to add up. We discussed the benefits of eating throughout the day and paying attention to timing of meals and pre/post exercise nutrition. She has made some great adjustments and utilized the tools I have given her to succeed.

As I have stated Jan is a hard worker and very willing to learn. She finds and reads great articles on exercise and nutrition. Since I use a very didactic and conversational approach to training, we use the articles to point out truths and fiction about exercise and nutrition.

“When the scale, fit of clothes and magazine quiz answer all said “too much” it was time for me to do something about my weight and fitness! I was fortunate to work with Mark Croy as a personal trainer. He is passionate about helping individuals improve their fitness level. After an initial conversation, Mark put together an exercise program appropriate for my age, needs and fitness level. Three years later I can say that Mark’s program works! The exercise routines are challenging yet doable, including exercises for strength, flexibility, balance and heart health. Mark also shares healthy eating information which when paired with exercise and determination is very effective.  I encourage anyone to check out this program. Yes, you’ll sweat and probably complain but it is worth it!”