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Ann recognized that she was not fit. During our first meeting she announced, “Mark, I am a skinny fat person.” She was correct as she weighed only 127 pounds at 5’7”, yet her body fat bordered on obese at 31%. As well, Ann is in her fifties, so she was cognizant that she needed to increase her muscle mass to stave off bone density loss.

We established that Ann’s goals were fairly basic: to lose body fat; to increase her strength; and, lead a much healthier lifestyle. I explained to Ann that our goal was to chip away on her nutritional regime, exercise with consistency, intensity and emphasize weight lifting.  Ann had a very positive mind set and said she was very determined to succeed.

We started out with basic foundation building exercises (squats, lunges, presses, pulling exercises and core (abdominals). We started with exercise series that consisted of 6 exercises with 10 repetitions each, plus 2-3 abdominal exercises. We performed two series in a 45 minute session. Ann trained three times per week.

After a six week period she progressed to more challenging, intense exercise routines that included multi-joint complex multi-plane movements (front to back/side to side/twisting/rotational) and splits (training different body movements).  So her body does not become acclimated to any one routine, I shock it by switching up her training exercises every 4-6 weeks.

However, Ann needed to understand why this was my prescribed method for her to achieve her strength and body fat goals. I explained to Ann the concept of metabolizing, which is working out at high intensity training intervals (HIIT).  All her training is done in a circuit format to maximize metabolizing effect and increase muscle mass, which, in turn, would maximize fat burning.  I explained to Ann that it was important to incorporate a Polar Heart Monitor to give us real time feedback on training intensities and recovery times. Another benefit of the Polar is its ability to track calories burned during our training session and post exercise calorie burn.  She realized quickly the ability to witness her training intensities and see the calories being burned from her efforts was very empowering.

In terms of Ann’s nutrition régime, we discussed the importance of eating frequently during the day.  I explained the benefits of eating every two to three hours on her resting metabolism rate (RMR).   How it would also help increase her energy levels and the importance of pre-exercise and post-exercise nutrition. We talked about the types of foods to eat for meals and snacks, macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats) and the important role that time plays in achieving her nutritional goals.  Drinking water is also a very important component.  I really didn’t have to emphasize it too much with Ann, as she was real good about drinking it throughout the day.

After several months of training Ann had her RMR taken. It was 2,000 calories a day.  This is a phenomenal rate for anyone to burn calories at rest. Since Ann is a naturally thin person, I did tell her with this high rate of caloric burn that she had to be careful not to under eat.

Ann’s tenacity has paid off as demonstrated by her impressive results. Her body fat percentage is now 18.2% and she weighs 118 solid pounds. She is in the excellent category for her peer group and very excited to keep working at staying healthy and fit. She progressively each month has chipped away at her body fat percentage; continually fine-tuned her nutritional program and moved in appositive direction towards her ideal weight/body fat goal. I always explain to my clients the importance of applying my advice with consistency.  If they follow my proven training philosophy they will succeed in reaching their goals.