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Tom Norton – U.S. Senior Golf Pro; Muscatine, Iowa

“I’m a low handicapper who needed a trainer to help me get additional power in my golf swing to attain more distance. Mark indicated to me after our initial session that he could help me get to the next level of competition – if I worked at it. I have definitely been impressed with Mark’s attention to detail and his desire to help me get better. Each session has continued to give me additional confidence that Mark knows what he is doing.

Now for the results…In less than three months with Mark, I’m definitely stronger in my core, more flexible, and thinner. I’m feeling better and look forward to testing our results out on the course.”

Tom’s swing coach recommended to him that he work with a trainer to produce more power to drive the ball further and take him to the next level professionally.  After consulting with his chiropractor, they decided Tom needed to find a strength and conditioning specialist who had worked with golfers before. They were skeptical if such a specialist existed in Eastern Iowa.  They were pleasantly surprised that I had the qualifications and experience they sought.

Titleist Performance Institute Screen

Even though I knew Tom’s medical history included a previous shoulder injury and a hip replacement, a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI ) Screen is always necessary with any golfer. It is designed to reveal any dysfunctional physical movements and to evaluate biomechanical limitations and instabilities. The information the 12 movement TPI screen produces is then used to form a specific exercise and therapy program.

The screen had revealed limited upper and middle torso rotation, which through further orthopedic and manual muscle testing we discovered his previous left shoulder injury was causing this limited rotation. The evaluation also exposed that he had a left rotator cuff injury causing additional limited rotation abilities.

Tom also had issues with his glute (butt) muscles firing and core stabilization. The main reasons Tom was having trouble getting distance on his ball were not only his limited torso rotation, but also his lack of power and stabilization. If the butt muscles are not firing, flexibility is severely restricted and the body struggles to create power. The lack of stability causes the body to compensate through swaying, and, eventually, loss of power.

Training Regimen

The screening process gave me the tools to develop a therapeutic and exercise program that included short and long term goals.

The short term goal was to fix his left rotator cuff injury. It needed to be eliminated to optimize thoracic (middle back) rotation. I began his treatment with therapeutic modality ultrasound.  Ultrasounds generate heat. The effect causes increases in tissue relaxation and local blood flow, which then reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation. I then followed up the ultrasound with myo-facial work, which helps remove scar tissue restrictions and release the knots impeding proper muscle and joint function.

The primary, long term goals were to have his glutes firing at full strength and improve his core stability. Tom has made great strides.  We are now doing a variety of multi-joint exercises, plyometrics and metabolizing for weight loss and conditioning.  Tom is preparing for summer competitions with the goal to make the men’s amateur senior tour.