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Flexx Fitness–The Functional Movement Screen Is Here!

At Flexx Fitness we are the Only training facility in the region utilizing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to assess athletes and personal training clients.

Like all the top professional/college teams and fitness clubs we use this valuable tool as a part of a pre-placement or pre-participation examination.  This screen helps us to determine deficits that may be overlooked during the traditional medical and performance evaluations.  Muscle flexibility, strength imbalances or compensation due to previous injury are all acknowledged as significant risk factors for injury.  In many cases, the FMS will pinpoint these issues that may not be identified in other standard evaluations.

FMS Past to Present • U.S. Military • U.S. Olympic Teams • NFL • NBA • EPL • MLB • NHL • D1 Universities • Titleist Golf

The functional movement screen will identify functional deficits related to proprioceptive, mobility and stability limitations.  If these risk factors can be identified and addressed using the FMS, then decreases in injuries and improved performance should follow.  Once the priority movement pattern has been identified, this allows for individualized, targeted intervention using corrective exercises.

If an individual has no areas of concern within a movement pattern then they would be cleared to train and load that pattern.  This provides an appropriate movement baseline for further physical capacity and performance testing.

We also use the FMS to re-screen for feedback every 4-6 weeks or when an improvement is seen in the priority movement pattern.  Re-screening provides us valuable feedback into the effectiveness of the current program design and provides insight on how and when to move to higher level progressions or a new priority movement pattern.

The FMS aims to...

  • Identify imbalances in mobility and stability during seven fundamental movement patterns
  • Provides observable performance of basic locomotor and stabilizing movements
  • Place an athlete/individual in positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mobility and motor control is not utilized
  • Once any deficiencies have been identified a specific, individualized program of corrective exercises is then developed with the goal of preventing musculo-skeletal injuries and improve sports performance

The FMS consists of seven movement patterns which require mobility and stability…

  1. Deep Squat
  2. Hurdle Step
  3. In-line Lunge
  4. Active Straight-leg Raise
  5. Trunk Stability Push-up
  6. Rotary Stability
  7. Shoulder Mobility