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Already in decent shape, but feel stuck in a rut…

A rut means– your workout has become too easy for your body and is no longer challenging. 

What does an exercise rut look like… If you do the same form of exercise all the time, you’re more likely to get bored.  Worse, you might lose what all you have gained.   Remember the famous Albert Einstein quote? “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Your body gets used to the same old workout routine if you do it all the time (and especially if you do it the same way all the time). 

Not too many people jump out of bed in the morning, throw off the covers and dashes off with excitement to do something they dread.  If you want to get out of that rut, our first bit of advice is to hire one of our Personal Trainers.  Flexx Fitness Personal Trainers are a great option to help regain your momentum.  We are the perfect solution to kick start both your motivation while creating a fresh, new workout routine. 

With this change up, you won’t have to drag yourself to do something you love any longer! 

Other great benefits of our training staff helping you get out of your rut…

  • Increase accountability
  • Individualized program design
  • Lose weight and body fat
  • Increase energy/metabolism
  • Increase stamina and flexibility
  • Improve balance and mobility
  • Enhance work, daily life, recreation and sports performance