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Here is how Group Personal Training can help you achieve health and fitness goals you may have thought not possible:

5 great reasons to join in on Small Group Personal Training…

1. Motivation.
Training with a small group of people (on average (4 to 6) in a circuit-style set-up can be a massive boost for people who sometimes have trouble motivating themselves to get to the gym. Having the support and camaraderie of your fellow small group trainees can be just the thing some of us need. If you’re a competitive person, having others to measure yourself against might inspire you to try to beat their time or their weight.  If you’re a shy person, there will be friendly people encouraging you to try your best.

2. Variety of exercises.
Small group personal training gets you familiar with all kinds of exercises and equipment, plus you’ll learn proper technique and form too. Training circuit-style utilizing dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells and body weight exercises this type of training provides you with almost limitless configurations and programming possibilities that your coach or trainer can set-up for you.  You can be assured that your GBC Personal Trainer (coach) will have substitution exercises if you have any physical limitations, or are just a beginner.

3. Short training times.
A lot of us are time-poor these days and find it hard to fit in long sessions at the gym. Small group personal training is ideal for those of us who can manage 30-45 minutes, but no more per workout session.  Well organized and set at the right intensity a shorter session will assure you’re getting all the same benefits as a longer slog in the gym.

4. More personalized time with your trainer/coach.
By its very design small group personal training, unlike big fitness classes such as a spin class and cross fit will only contain a small number of people.  This gives your trainer or coach the opportunity to spend more time monitoring your progress, helping you with your form and keep you safe from injury.  If you’re unsure of how to use a piece of equipment (sandbag, kettlebell) or, if your group is training in a circuit-style, you can watch how your fellow trainees complete any unfamiliar exercises first, so you don’t feel out of your depth and learn along the way.

5. Setting and reaching goals.
Training in small groups means you have the opportunity to see where your fitness level is in relation to the rest of your team and work out ways to improve on it.  You can organize with your coach a personalized training system to help you improve incrementally week after week.